Szilvia Viczian Architect

As a industry provider of high value sustainable architectural and engineering services, we are firmly committed to maintain high customer satisfaction through the diversity of services we are offering.

SV&P is a sustainable focused architectural firm offering a wide range of design services, project management and supervision. Our head office is in the United Arab Emirates from which we serve a wide customer base in the region.

Our Vision = To be a unique provider for a Sustainable Solutions leading to a better environment for the generation to come. 

Our Mission = To apply our expertise to satisfy our stakeholder through innovation, team work and trust.

Szilvia Viczian&Partners centralizes in urban planning, architectural-, landscape-, interior design, structural, MEP engineering design, project management services, site supervision and networking.

In 2007, the company was established by three owners, who has been working with highly-known companies. Today's architectural industry is far away from what it was decades ago. Manual drafting has given way to computer aided design methods and digital imaging. As a result, computer graphics and high technology finished have become common products of the trade. This is why day by day, they still have not found the limit of where their creativity and the visual perception can take them. In the end, however, it is the vision, character and precision to detail that made this company distinct from the others.

With offices in Abu Dhabi and Vietnam, SV&P gives highly consulting services of building systems in the Middle East, serving both for implementation of the design and supervision sectors. The company conveys a brisk and advancing approach to consulting services, acting as a strong link between the client and the constructor. The goal is to put to reality what every client expects by giving qualitative service, heightened flexibility and greater value, thus honing functional plans and enhancing work efficiency. The company's subordinates are eminent by their useful and technical expertise concerted with their hands-on experiences, thereby securing that clients the most effective and professional service.

As experts in the architectural and interior fields, SV&P is involved in every stage upon client selection of carrying out to completion, offering constant functional and technical support. Their professional skills cover all aspects of implementation and operation, including conceptual design, preliminary design development, final design development, production of working drawings, calling and accessing of tenders, contract management, coordination of consultancy work, site inspection, application for building plan approval and project administration to suit specific client needs. Typically, the company has accessible ways in handling client contact, providing functional support, and resolving any issues that may arise. 

In order to meet the individual wants of clients, SV&P’s architects and engineers attain and sustain a wide range of competencies because they believe they excel in the architectural-interior concepts and renderings. Moreover, SV&P is gradually expanding the knowledge and services to assist clients, since functional and technical experiences have broaden the knowledges that SV&P humbly share to the clients.                      

SV&P now is focusing on Architectural, Urban-, Landscape-, Interior Design and BIM Services in the Middle-East. The mission of the team is to make clients satisfied, to lead their projects from the innovative design phase through the high quality construction to the outstanding on site realization. With sustainability always in mind, the company works with excellent time management.

The company is employing more than twenty engineer-designers from Europe with comprehensive expertise. The Senior engineers have wide range qualified experiences in design and construction supervision in providing a high quality service to the clients. SV&P is flexible on the scale of the professional team with a strong background in Hungary, both individual and joint venture company based level. These sources can be mobilized according to the clients' needs.

The keen knowledge of the architectural and interior design field has helped SV&P to develop solutions that meet all the requirements. The members of SV&P have several architectural and interior design work realized in Hungary way back to fifteen years, and different locally based practices in the last five years here in the UAE. Therefore, the company delivers a large- scale spectrum of architectural and interior design work including Mixed-Use, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and Industrial projects making them and clients both successful and satisfied.

Distinct, serviceable and professional principles combined with extensive architectural knowledge makes SV&P the ideal option for a consulting firm to manage your desired conceptual designs and development.

Szilvia VICZIAN and Partners (SV&P) at a glance

  • Architectural Consultancy Services
  • Urban Planning Design Services
  • Landscape Design Services
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • LEED, Estidama, PQP services
  • Interior Design
  • BIM Solution
  • Company Philosophy: Innovation, Teamwork, Trust, Creativity

Market Analysis Summary

SV&P extends its professional services into markets in the United Arab Emirates, in the GCC and in Europe. The company's clients are large companies, private clients and medium-sized companies. The most important group of potential customers are the local investors, international developers and executives of large corporations. They do not want to waste their time or risk their money looking for different designers, information or questionable expertise. As they go into markets looking at new opportunities, they are very sensitive to risking their company's name and reputation.

Architectural and Interior Design Consultancy

In the design field, SV&P strive to celebrate the uniqueness of each project which often results in creating distinctive and imaginative solutions for the clients. The company seeks in its being the powers of imagination, of intellect, of empathy with human needs and the insight to interpret them in an architectural language that is both contextual and relevant- an architecture that captures the spirit and aspirations of today, adaptable to change and proves an asset for years to come.

Scope of Architectural Consultancy Services

SV&P offers full professional architectural consultancy services,

which comprise of:

  1. Conceptual Design
  2. Preliminary Design Development
  3. Final Design Development
  4. Production of workshop drawings
  5. Calling and accessing of tenders
  6. Contract management
  7. Co-ordination of consultancy work
  8. Site inspection, Site Supervision
  9. Application for Building Permit Approval
  10. Project Management, Administration                    

Structural Design Services

SV&P Establishment's Consulting Engineers have established an outstanding reputation for providing a wide range of engineering services to industry and commerce. All manners of clients regularly engage SV&P to provide construction design and advice. The company's success is based on maintaining a well qualified and extensive team of experienced and commercially aware engineers. Talk to these Consulting Engineers about how SV&P can help with the project construction, development and infrastructure. Precious Client will be speaking to competent engineers who take a practical and professional approach to meeting the specific requirements.

Scope of Structural Consultancy Services

SV&P offers full professional structural design services, which comprise of:

  1. All phases of development, from feasibility studies to completion and maintenance of building structures
  2. Design and Build packages
  3. Structural appraisal
  4. Conceptual studies and design
  5. Analysis and design for all types of buildings and structures
  6. Structural survey and monitoring
  7. Structural repairs and renovation
  8. Project administration

MEP Design Services

SV&P specializes in preparing the co-ordination drawings across the various trades with horizontal and vertical dimensions to avoid interference with frames, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, partitions etc. All co-ordination drawings are checked for collisions. Specific fabrication methods are employed to details of each drawing. SV&P’s engineers will adapt their design and detailing approach to conform to the Client's requirements and standards and are well trained with an expansive amount of industry rich experience.

Scope of MEP Services

  1. Mechanical System Design Services
  2. Electrical System Design Services
  3. Plumbing & Drainage System Design
  4. Fire Protection & Life Safety Engineering Design 

Project Management 

Project management is the process used to ensure delivery on time, cost and quality to customers. Typically, SV&P has accessible ways in handling client contact, providing functional support, and resolving any issues that may arise. Defect tracking is given attention to ensure acceptable and improving quality rates. Any sign of defects increasing or tending towards higher levels are dealt with during periodic reviews. These are carried out so that the client's work gets done by the best people, in a time frame that helps the project and at a quality that is outstanding. 

Some phases of project management are as follows:

  1. Schedules are drawn up to deliver specific milestones associated with specific dates and teams
  1. Projects and tasks allotted
  2. Key tasks given special attention
  3. Periodic reviews to see what areas need help
  4. Periodic assessment of the health of a project
  5. Monitoring of metrics
  6. Quality checks and approvals at key phases

Market Needs

The Architectural and engineering consultancy market segment needs can be broken down into four categories:

  1. High quality
  2. Reliable forecasting of services
  3. High level customer service
  4. Project time planning 

SV&P was established because the company recognised the huge demand of professional multi-task services. This requires a high contact service environment where client communication and customer service is a must. The need for high quality is important. And accurate deadlines is crucial to maintain the reputation of SV&P.

SV&P ’s Vision

To be a unique provider for a Sustainable Solutions leading to a better environment for the generation to come. 

SV&P ’s Mission

To apply our expertise to satisfy our stakeholder through innovation, team work and trust.

SV&P aims a dedication to equip clients with the state-of-the-art design solutions for respective projects that work out from a detailed investigative design procedure, a considerable study of developing construction methods, and technological construction process. Whereby, design is the primary reason of an architectural purpose, SV&P’s goal firmly commit to the essence of sustainability as the core value in attaining the company's mission.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

SV&P delivers excellent concept design which is the selling point of a project. All of the company's designs are highlighted with practical needs. A technique cannot be 'sustainable' in the long process if it cannot confront immediate requirements. SV&P 's creative design solutions have proven to be good for the people as well as the environment.

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Humanity is at the center of what SV&P creates. The company's designs are integrated in an intelligent community built around people's needs and lives. All of the projects respect nature and augment connection to the world outside while taking good care of nature's abundance.

SV&P applies its members' collective expertise to make great things happen, through innovation, teamwork and trust. 

SV&P’s Values 

  • the people and respect the diversity of their ideas and cultures
  • clients and deliver excellent customer care
  • trust and integrity
  • innovation and technical excellence
  • continuous improvement through training and shared best practice
  • all the communities in which the company work and promote responsible corporate citizenship


SV&P’s staffs are well knowledge in all views of diverse concepts, from budgeting to productivity, to establishing and maintaining business relationships. The company is confident in itself on its proven track record for competencies. This is owed to efficient directing team members in the development of conceptual design alterations to ensure that all business requirements are met within budget control and time schedules.

SV&P has experiences with large conceptual designs, having been responsible for the success of the following project lists:

  • 101 Bawadi Mall Interior / Al Ain / Interior Concept and Detail Design, Site Supervision and Engineering
  • 102 Glide Airport / Auh / Planning and Architectural concept Design
  • 103 Waterfront Hotel / Dxb / Architectural Site Supervision and Project Management
  • 104 Aviation Village / Auh / Planning and Architectural concept Design
  • 105 Rashid Mazroui Palace / Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering, Interior Design and Project Management
  • 106 Rashid Mazroui Villa / Liwa / Architectural Supervision, Interior Design
  • 107 TFG Matrix Tower / Dxb / Architectural-, MEP-, Structural Engineering
  • 108 Al Ahalia Hospital / Auh / Architectural concept Design, Hospital Technology
  • 109 Saeed Mazroui Villa / Liwa / Architectural Supervision, Interior Design
  • 110 Auto Maintenance / Musaffah, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering, Interior Design
  • 111 Mazcot brochure / Auh / Logo Graphic Design
  • 112 Mall of RAK / Ras Al Khaimah / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Study
  • 113 Susca Portfolio / Auh / Graphic Design
  • 114 Susca office / Auh / Interior Design
  • 115 Ellc Hotel / Khalifa Park, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Design
  • 116 Ellc Bani Yass Mall / Auh / Interior Design Concept
  • 117 Sunbulah Motel, Barsha First / Dxb / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Concept Design
  • 118 Sunbolah Al Bustan Hotel Interior / Dxb / Interior Design Concept
  • 119 Sunbolah Twin Tower Hotel / Dxb / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Concept Design
  • 120 Yousef Harmoudi Villa / Khalifa A, Auh / Architectural Concept, Preliminary Design
  • 121 Fahad Mazroui Villa / Liwa / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering, Site Supervision and Interior Design
  • 122 Al Yasat Tower Cafe and Gym / Auh / Interior Design
  • 123 Mismak Office Building / Khor Al Raha, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Concept Design
  • 124 Mazroui Compound / Liwa / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering and Interior Design
  • 125 ArchiCAD Templates / Auh / CAD Services Management
  • 126 Galaxy Residence / Reem Island, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Concept Design
  • 127 Saeed Al Mazroui Villa / Vienna / Interior Design Supervision
  • 128 Ferrari VIP Restroom / Auh / Interior Design
  • 129 Clifford Chance Office Fit Out / Auh / Interior and MEP Design
  • 130 Royal Catering / Musaffah, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Concept Design
  • 131 Shura Trading & Hotel Supplies / Auh / Logo Graphic Design
  • 132 Mazroui Guest Building / Al Madam, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Design
  • 133 Mohammed Mazroui Villa / Auh / Architectural Design Concept
  • 134 Ahmed Mazroui Villa / Auh / Architectural Design Concept
  • 135 Rixima Student Accommodation / DIAC / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering
  • 136 Sports Hall / DIMC / Architectural Design Concept
  • 137 Mudheef Redevelopment / Al Ain / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering. Concept Design and Master Planning Concept
  • 138 Dubai Waterfront Villas Phase 5 / Dxb / Architectural Concept Design
  • 139 Boudouaou Waterfront Part 1 / Algeria / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Concept Design and Master Planning
  • 140 Shabhat Residential Development / A Ain / Interior Design Proposal
  • 141 Rashid Mazroui Villa / Liwa / Interior Design
  • 142 Saeed Mazroui Villa / Liwa / Interior Design
  • 143 Fahad Mazroui Villa / Liwa / Interior Design
  • 144 Al Mazroui Group of Companies Brochure / Auh / Graphic Design
  • 145 Abdali Mall / Jordan / Architectural Design Proposal
  • 146 MAZCOT Pre qualification Brochure / Auh / Graphic Design
  • 147 Central Market / Auh / Intelligent Building KNX System, MEP Design
  • 148 Warehouse & Office / Musaffah, Auh / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Design
  • 149 Duplays Sport Hall / Dxb / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Design
  • 150 Capital Plaza Hotel / Auh / Interior Design Proposal
  • 152 Abu Dhabi Highway Tender / Auh
  • 153 Al Maha Affordable Villa Bani Yass / Auh
  • 154 Salam Hotel Interior Design / Auh
  • 156 Royal Low Cost Houses / Worldwide
  • 157 Saeed Al Mazroui Villa / Vienna / Interior Design
  • 158 Al Juma Tower / Auh / Preliminary Design
  • 159 Thyssenkrupp Brochure and Multimedia / Auh / Graphic Design
  • 160 Photo Studio / Budapest / Interior Design
  • 161 ASM Office / Dxb / Interior Design
  • 162 MIIS & Wats Graphic Design
  • 163 MAPCO Head Office Interior Design
  • 164 Al Farah Head Office Building / Auh / Interior Design
  • 165 Central Fish Market / Auh / Tenant Coordination, Site Supervision
  • 166 Al Ain Mall Extension / Al Ain / Tenant Coordination, Site Supervision
  • 167 Roy Villa / Barbados / Architectural- , MEP-, Structural Engineering Design
  • 168 Rixima Student Accommodation / Dxb / Interior Design
  • 169 Budapest Golf Resort / Hun
  • 170 Halong Bay / Vietnam
  • 171 Ala'a Office / Siria
  • 172 Villa of Hilal Wife / Auh
  • 173 Sultan Alu Villa / Khalifa City B
  • 174 Saeed Mazroui Spa / Liwa
  • 175 Gulf Readymade Garment Factory / Musaffah, Auh
  • 176 Natural Healing SPA / Qatar
  • 177 Al Mazroui Group Reception Interior Design
  • 178 Hyda Office Interior / Dxb
  • 179 UAE University Architecture / Al Ain
  • 180 WRM Civic Centre Complexes / Al Gharbia
  • 181 Mazroui Compound Interior Redesign / Liwa
  • 182 Green Wellness Resort / Poland
  • 183 West Bay Tower / Doha
  • 184 Al Salaam Villa / Al Ain
  • 185 Ice Exchange / Auh
  • 186 The One Tower / Dxb
  • 187 Waterfront Villa Compound / Auh
  • 188 Marina Villa / Auh
  • 189 S Landmark / Auh
  • 190 Rashid Mazroui Spa Building / Liwa
  • 191 Fadah Mazroui Spa Building / Liwa
  • 192 Shopping Mall / Doha
  • 202 Waterfront Resort / Long Hai
  • 203 Luxury Shopping Mall / HCMC
  • 220 Mangrove Chalets / Auh
  • 221 Invest Bank / Interior Design
  • 222 Al Shorafa Villa
  • 223 Ocean Pearl Tower / Auh
  • 224 The One Jumeirah / Dxb
  • 225 The One Abu Dhabi / Auh
  • 226 Shopping Mall / Syria
  • 228 Al Harmoudi Commercial Building / Al Ain
  • 229 Al Harmoudi Residential Building / Auh
  • 230 Rashid Al Mazroui Warehouse / Musaffah, Auh
  • 231 Sultan Bin Zayed Residential Building
  • 232 Royal Catering Services Temporary Workers Accommodation / Ruwais, Auh
  • 234 Convention Hall / Auh
  • 235 Khalil Villa Majlis / Auh
  • 236 Australian Consulate / Dxb
  • 237 Saraya Tower / Auh
  • 238 Yass Mall / Auh
  • 239 Al Mariah Temporary Workers Accommodation / Ruwais, Auh
  • 240 Descon Temporary Workers Accommodation / Ruwais, Auh
  • 241 Jancos Temporary Workers Accommodation / Ruwais, Auh
  • 242 Presidential Palace / Auh
  • 243 ALSA Temporary Workers Accommodation / Ruwais, Auh
  • 244 Eng Magdy Villa / Egypt
  • 245 Jancos New Office / Auh
  • 246 Target Temporary Workers Accommodation / Ruwais, Auh
  • 247 Hotel Apartment
  • 248 ILLY University De Cafe SHURA Trading
  • 250 Butti Al Mansouri Villa
  • 251 Ha Long Bay Vietnam
  • 252 MUG Mall
  • 253 Mug Souk and Kids Park
  • 254 MBH Workers Accommodation
  • 256 Musaeed Bin Hafeedh Workshop
  • 257 Secure-Police Academy Tender
  • 258 Abu Dhabi Ladies Club
  • 259 ADMA-Habtour Leighton Group
  • 260 Retail Interior
  • 261 Mezon De Caffe MDC Restaurant
  • 263 CITISCAPE Headquater / Auh
  • 264 Sustainable Organic Cows Farm
  • 265 THE One Hotel Apartment / Auh
  • 266 Qassim Green University / Iraq
  • 267 Al Rayana / Auh
  • 268 Bristol Hotel / Auh
  • 269 Butti Al Mansoori Chelet / Mirfah
  • 270 MTGS Office Interior

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